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 Queso Fundido

...That renaissance also includes the Mexican dish queso fundido. At Ortega's, A Mexican Bistro, in San Diego, the queso fundido, made with baked Oaxaca cheese, comes in an oversized skillet, dressed to the nines with chorizo, chiles and cramelized onions, and sprinkled with even more cheese. Diners spoon the melted dish onto flour and corn tortillas...

The Mole Grail - Ortega’s chicken mole is the gold standard says the San Diego Reader

Each time I am seated right away upon arriving at Ortega’s (which is every time), I’m amazed I didn’t have to make my way through a crush of people waiting to get in. I can only assume this is because I tend to go during the day — that perhaps it’s much more crowded at night — because I can’t think of any other reason the place isn’t constantly packed. The space is comfortable in its Mexican country-home theme, and the service is prompt and friendly. And the food! It’s among the best Mexican food I’ve tasted this side of the border, and I’m not the only one — this kitchen has won multiple diner’s choice awards, and Gordon Ramsay has praised Ortega’s fare.

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Voted Best Mexican Cuisine and Best Margarita by the San Diego Uptown News readers.



Fodor's features Ortega's

Seafood lovers have long flocked to Puerto Nuevo, the “lobster village” just south of San Diego in Baja California, Mexico...

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